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Telephone accessories

Advanced Communications Australia offers a range of phone accessories to meet your needs.


We can provide a wide range of wireless and corded headsets to enhance communications improving efficiency and productivity for all levels of users.



From small analogue models through to the latest in long range DECT cordless handsets we can tailor a wireless solution to suit your business needs.


Music/messages on hold

Listen to an example of our on hold music on the media player below.

Replace the deafly silence, annoying chimes or static Radio with high quality on hold music or a custom promotional message.


Simple MP3 Player


Conferencing units


We can provide a range of voice conferencing solutions to meet the needs of any environment.

GSM Gateways

Take advantage of cheaper mobile to mobile calling rates on your current phone system by installing a GSM gateway, a compact and intelligent terminal that can bridge between your PABX and GSM networks.gateway